CPY Successfully breaking into Denuvo Watch Dogs 2, Love or Grief?

Secretly turn off, that’s the word for the CPY that managed to break the hosts the latest game from Ubisoft, namely Watch Dogs 2. After approximately 2 weeks of successful CPY subvert the security of the game Far Cry: the Primal along with Codex. Shows the CPY fangs on the Watch Dogs 2 that has been protected by the security Denuvo, the most powerful protection system at the moment and be a nightmare for most pirate games.

Previously, Watch Dogs 2 was released on November 15, 2016. This makes the game player “farmers” have been waiting for 2 months for the presence of a game with the theme of this hackers. Breaking into a system made with hands, that is not impossible but it takes time. In the case of this time, it only takes the CPY was not long for the standard cracker in breaking into the security Denuvo.

In this success, the CPY was not alone to paralyze security owned Watch Dogs 2, they are assisted by a companion Codex to break DRM in terms which have been marked with Uplay by Ubisoft. CPY and Codex have been collaborating since they are trying to hijack the Champions of Anteria and until today they continue to conduct experiments to plow back games from Ubisoft with other Denuvo security system.
Before the CPY games successfully breaking into Watch Dogs 2, they’ve given the game clue what will be the next victim of ignorance by penning “Damn, we went too far. Too much time! “. Of the sentence, many people speculated that the game meant it was a Battlefield 1 game, but in fact what is meant is the Watch Dogs 2.



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